Industrial Compressors with Charge Air Cooling

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Compressors with Charge Cooling are designed to produce air for burner aeration in the petroleum industry. The Compressor is suitable for high flow, low pressure applications.

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Performance  1500cfm @ 5.5psi
Discharge Temperature no more than 15°C above Ambient
Support Ambient Temperature up to 50°C
Enclosure Dimensions  2200mm x 1200mm x 1400mm (L x W x H)
Enclosure Material  Galvanised Steel Frame and Roof, Aluminium Panels
Weight  1400kg
Compressor  Vortron Z80
Fan  800mm
Fan Air Cooler  2x Cores at 450mm x 900mm x 100mm (W x H x D)
Other Features  VFD Controllers for Compressor and Fan

Compressor Information

A Vortron Z80 Compressor is driven by a 37kW Motor. The Motor is controlled by a VFD. The Vortron Compressor is mounted in an enclosed Air Box with an Air Filter mounted on the end of the Enclosure.

NOTE: VFD’s are mounted in the enclosure for transportation purposes only.

Compressor Vortron Z80
Compressor Inlet 5” Compressor Inlet, 6” Pipe with Mesh Screen
Compressor Discharge 4” Compressor Outlet, 4” Pipework, One Way Valve.
Motor 37kW controlled by VFD.
Compressor Drive Vortron Mounting Plate, 14-Rib Drive, Automatic Tensioner
Filter Size 1100mm x 1100mm x 90mm (W x H x D)

Air Cooler Information

The Air Cooler Assembly has Inlets on both ends, with the discharge in the centre. A fan is mounted to the air cooler.

Core Dimensions Two Cores at 450mm x 900mm x 100mm (W x H x D)
Core Type Open Tube Design, 9 Fins per Inch
Air Cooler Inlet 2x 4” Inlets
Air Cooler Outlet 8” Outlet, tapered down to 6”

Air Cooler Fan Information

Air Cooler Fan pushes air through the cooler cores. Air enters from the end of the enclosure and exits on the air cooler discharge side of the enclosure.

Fan Dimensions 900mm x 900mm x 750mm (W x H x D)
Air Cooler Fan Size 800mm
Fan Motor 18.5kW controlled by VFD.