Pope E-Series Electric Motors

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The POPE E-Series Electric Motors are General Purpose Industrial Motor. These totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) squirrel cage induction motors are MEPS2 compliant energy efficient and have a multi-purpose design, perfect for any general industrial application. The E-Series motor has IP55 resistance to water and dust along with removable and bolt on feet for mounting in varying positions and configurations. The removable feet allow the motor to be left, right or top terminal box mounting position.


  • Mining Industry
  • Pulley Motors
  • Multi Speed
  • Pump Duty
  • Blower Fan

Motor Construction:

  • 2.2kW-4.0kW: Alloy w/ Multi Mount
  • 5.5kW-37kW: Cast Iron w/ Multi Mount

Main Features:


  • Bolt On Feet.
  • Adjustable Feet Position.
  • Flexibility of top, left or right mount terminal box.

IP55 Ingress Protection from Water & Dust.

  • Dust Protection – Protects against harmful deposits, not totally prevented but cannot enter in a sufficient amount that would interfere with satisfactory operation.
  • Water Protection – No harmful effects from projected water against the enclosure from any direction.
  • IP66 Protection is optional.

MEPS2 Compliant.

Service Duty S1 (continuous service).

Hertz 50/60.

Low temperature Rise – Insulation Class “F”.

High Quality construction and designed motor. Ultra durable material.

Thermistors (11kW and above).

Oil seals fitted to both shaft extensions.

Additional information


2.2kW, 415V, 50Hz, Class F IP55, 3.0kW, 415V, 50Hz, Class F IP55, 4.0kW, 415V, 50Hz, Class F IP55, 5.5kW, 415V, 50Hz, Class F IP55, 7.5kW, 415V, 50Hz, Class F IP55, 11kW, 415V, 50Hz, Class F IP55, 15kW, 415V, 50Hz, Class F IP55, 18.5kW, 415V, 50Hz, Class F IP55, 22kW, 415V, 50Hz, Class F IP55, 30kW, 415V, 50Hz, Class F IP55, 37kW, 415V, 50Hz, Class F IP55