Soft Start

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The Zener SMARTSTART 6000 series of Soft Starters feature Zener’s intelligent ‘Smart-Torq’ control system for controlled starting and stopping of electric motors. These devices assist with eliminating harmful current and torque peaks.

  • Zener’s intelligent “SMART-TORQ’ Control System
  • In-built electronic motor overload
  • Plain English intuitive display & simple menu structure
  • Easy to wire and install
  • Advanced Motor / Load protection
  • Remote IP66 Operator Console
  • Small footprint
  • Comprehensive Operator ‘DashBoard’


  • Linear acceleration of the load as well as the motor.
  • Reduced mechanical stress on the load and the motor shaft.
  • Ramp sketching so as to match the type of load used.
  • Reduced motor starting currents.
  • Motor dips are eliminated during motor starting.
  • Eliminates belt squeal during starting of fans.
  • Water hammer related problems do not occur as it provides better control of pump motors.
  • Motor efficiency is increased during deceleration and acceleration.