VT Gear Drive

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VT-140 Model supports flowrates up to 140lb/min.

Vortron’s VT compressor provides unique air moving solutions for complex needs. Developed for aircraft de-ice / anti-ice GSE applications, the patented VT compressor now serves many industries. New adaptations are now available to support broad application in aircraft GSE, industrial air moving, ultra high-velocity blow-off, sparging, bulk transfer conveying, and many others. Can be electrically or hydraulically driven; with direct-coupled hydraulic drive resulting in 125HP rating at under 100lbs package size. Performance range from 5 – 15 psi and up to 1600 CFM; 14 psi at 100 lbs/min typical. Adiabatic efficiency ratings up to 80%.

Debris Removal
Shallow Vacuum
Air Cooling
Bulk Conveying

Industries Served
Aircraft GSE
Food Processing
Rubber and Plastics
Municipal WWT

The VT gearcase can be equipped with various compressor stages to achieve the performance objectives of a particular application. Recommended compressor stages include the X (“X-Trim” or “X40”) (79% peak efficiency) for typical deicing applications and the Z (Z40e) (80% peak efficiency) for applications requiring higher flowrates. Detailed performance curves and compressor efficiency data can be found on available compressor maps.

Operating Speed:
20,000-45,000 RPM (Impeller)

500-1600 SCFM (see maps)

Pressure Ratio:
Up to 2.5 PR, nom. (see maps)

Internal Gear Ratio:

» Inlet – 5.00 in.
» Discharge – 3.50 in

Gearcase Shaft Input:
SAE J498b, Class 1 Flat Root Side Fit Spline. SAE B, 16/32 P 30° Involute

Compressor Materials:
» Housing: Volute: A356-T6 Aluminum
» Impeller: Investment Cast Aluminum
» Shaft and Gearing: Heat-treated Alloy Steel

Operating Temp (Ambient):
-20°C to 50°C

Environmental Requirement Compliance:
Can meet or exceed: Moisture, Vibration, MIL, Industrial requirements.

Recommended Drive System:
Can be electrically or hydraulically driven. Parker F12-30 motor is suggested for hydraulic applications.

Vortron Industrial will provide you with a quote and specifications on a VT Gear Drive blower for your application, and answer questions such as:
Will this work for my application?
How much power will it consume?
What RPM will provide the performance that I need?
What hardware do I need to connect to the gearbox?